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From the Field

Highlights of past blog posts interviewing people with disabilities in the field.

Interview With Deb Holz

As my former Disability Services advisor in the early part of my undergrad, Deb is an extraordinary human with a wide array of experience and background working with and for individuals that fall within the disability spectrum. She admits that having a disability herself—fibromyalgia-allows her to be a better ally and advocate for those she supports.

Interview With Ross Baker

Interview With Ancel Montenelli

Interview With Nikki Abramson

Interview With David Shaw

Interview With Jen Onsum

Interview With Cliff Weitzman

Young Professional Feature: Brandi Bernoskie

Young Professional Feature: Ted Moorman

Young Professional Feature: Matthew Griffin

Career Profile: Retail Associate

Career Profile: Scott Lang

Career Profile: Project Coordinator

Career Profile: Dancer/Artistic Director

Career Profile: Entrepreneur


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