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Module 1 Discover Yourself

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Reflect on Your Values, Goals, and Strengths

The Discover Yourself module will encourage you to reflect on your interests, values, goals, and strengths to lead you toward a successful and fulfilling career. This module is designed for anyone preparing for a job search or making a change. By using the tools and information we've provided on this website; along with the help of family, school, counselors, and other support networks; you'll be able to turn your job search into an adventure!

The first step is determining what kind of job you want. You may already have given this considerable thought when you chose your field of study, or you may want to further discover your interests, values, and abilities. Either way, we recommend taking time for self-exploration, as it is instrumental in finding a job in which you have the greatest potential for success.

Module 1 Learning Objectives

  1. You will identify their strengths and goals to start preparing for their job search.
  2. You will explore careers that match their values, interests and goals.


  • Leonard Lang is the founder of Beard Avenue, a career coaching company. This interview will give you the tools to examine your strengths in any potential career as you prepare for your job search.

  • Join Kevin O'Connell, Director and Founder of the Niche Movement, to get creative and inspiring ideas on getting started with your career search and discover yourself along the way.

Read and Explore


  • Post a personal reflection about that careers you explored on the Sigi Career Database or elsewhere. Post your reflection in the Forum
  • Module 1 Active Learning (Quiz)

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