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Module 2 Getting Prepared

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Organize, plan and practice for job success.

The Getting Prepared module will help you learn about some of the skills involved in finding and keeping a job. It's important to take some time to get ready for the job search.

Start by asking yourself a couple of questions. What type of positions are you looking for? What employers do you want to target? Consider other factors such as what job location you are looking for, benefits that you might be interested in, as well as company culture. Thinking about work readiness skills, such as your work ethic or leadership style, will also help you to write a great resume and cover letter. Thoroughly explore all the sections of this module. The work done here will help you in every phase of the process, including being successful at a job once you've accepted it.

Module 2 Learning Objectives

  1. You will know the steps to start preparing for your job search.
  2. You will be able to create a resume and cover letter that accentuates your skills.
  3. You will be prepared to answer the most common interview questions.


  • Anysha Gilliam, a Human Resources Manager and Recruiter, talks about the key steps in creating a resume and cover letter, as well as practicing for the interview.

  • Join Doug Schmidt of FifthFreedom to discover the secrets to an effective, engaging resume. Learn the different types of resumes and their uses, and the key elements every resume must have.

Read and Explore


  • Post a question or comment that you had after you watched the 2 Employment Tips videos. Post in the Forum.
  • Send your resume to the Course Moderator for feedback. (Send Message on Left Side Menu Under the Profile Picture) 
  • Module 2 Active Learning (Quiz)

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