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One of the greatest things I have learned since graduating college is that there are a wealth of opportunities all around me. I am not just talking your average type opportunities such as seminars, classes, free events, or job fairs. No, no, I am referring to the golden ticket that every college graduate possesses: a degree. Having one of these babies is like having a pass into every type of corporate, government, or federal environment, as well as written proof for all the suffering and…


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Heh heh. Here I go posting about the past, which used to be the present, again!

I can remember how ecstatic I felt when I knew that my time in high school was nearing an end. January was the time when we were faced with the last set of finals before the beginning of our third quarter, and last semester of high school ever. I remember daydreaming of growing up and moving on as a high school graduate and entering the sophisticated world of college. I could not wait to see what…


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Here I am again, talking about the present, which is now the past. But you understand my need for time preservation, yeah?! 

As I am nearing graduation, in approximately two weeks time (eeeek!), I have naturally been thinking about what I am going to be doing afterwards. I was so sure of myself a year ago, even six months ago, but as the date approaches I have been losing some of my nerves—and my mind. I wish I could go back in time and make a deal with Past Adrienne and…


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New Beginnings

This might come across as a bit brash of me to suggest to you. For all you know, I am just a kid with a keyboard, click-clacking away my thoughts as they come to me. But, I am going to say it anyway: why do you care what anyone thinks of you? Or what happened last year or last week or last month? Or what didn't happen? Or what will happen to you? I ask this not with an accusatory tone, but with a genuine sense of curiosity. These types of questions often resound in our head, causing us to…


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Using AT

As humans and individuals within this society, and in the world, asking for help is often a hard thing to do. Naturally, we are prideful creatures and to admit that we need assistance can translate to defeat and failure. But that is NOT the case. To admit to oneself that one needs help, either physically or mentally or emotionally, is a respectable and noble feat. Sometimes it can take years to admit it, but when you do, everything can only get better.

The degree to which an…


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Here we are again, with another entry meant for the present, but now it is in the past. You forgive me, donʻt you?!

I will admit, one of the biggest resentments that I have about this society that we live in, is the extreme pressure that it puts on college students and recent graduates to find a career and stick with a career.

I was recently quoted in my University's newspaper regarding my stance on a new policy that the U might be instating. If this were to pass,…


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Finding A Mentor

If you were to ask every person that has made it big in the world through their career, I assure you that they would have a story to tell you about the person that made it possible for them to achieve their success. There is always that one person that stood out above all the rest, who told you could do it when no one did, and encouraged you to think that anything is possible for you.

This person could come in the unlikeliest of forms, as your mail carrier, neighbor, professor,…


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Due to the release of these blogs, this one takes place in the past, not in the present as I had intended. I wanted to keep the authenticity of the moment, yet again :) 

You know that saying, “it is all about who you know”? Well, that is in fact, a really true statement. At least it has demonstrated itself to be true for me.

After my first senior year of college (yes, that is right, my first) I decided to stay in my apartment near campus instead of moving back…


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When you apply for a job, it can be really unnerving. Everything from perfecting your resume to tracking down the necessary references to creating the perfect ensemble for your interview. This is completely normal and should be expected of almost everyone--unless of course you are fortunate to have self-esteem of steel!

If you are an individual living with a disability, whether it is a visible or invisible one, there is an added stressor to an already large list when looking for and…


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Procrastination. This word and I have been really good friends for years now. When I decided to write about the wonders of procrastination would you like to take a wild guess as to how many times I attempted to sit down and write this? About four to five separate occasions.

Since the beginning of time I have been an expert at procrastinating. It started in high school when I took the majority of my classes in the International Baccalaureate program (IB) … ok I am back now! I left that…


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This particular entry was written back in the Fall. I felt it was still important to share as an experience of mine at the time and am asking you faithful readers to disregard the discrepancy in time! :D 


I remember a time when I wanted to be the voice for a cartoon character. I would spend hours mimicking different accents and tones and moods, often cracking myself up with the absurdity of it all. Right around that time I also wanted to be a doctor, specifically one…


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An Introduction

I will let you in on a little secret: I have always wanted to have a blog. I truly enjoy writing what is on my mind and sharing it with others. Not only is it therapeutic, but if I can help others by what I have to say, then that is a remarkable feeling.


My name is Adrienne. I hail from the Uptown area of Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was fortunate enough to get to live in the same place for my entire childhood. It wasn’t until I went to Hamline University in Saint Paul, MN as a…


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