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Being Your Own Boss

Since October I have been employed on a contracted, freelance basis. This has always been a dream of mine, as you all know how I loathe the idea of a typical workday (at least for my self). I get the freedom to schedule my own hours around what I need to get done each day. If I am unable to work one day, then I can just up the ante the next day. Sounds easy enough right? Not so much. Allow me to delve a little bit into what it’s like to be your own boss.

 The most marvelous aspect of…


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Marnie Baar Social Responsibility: Developing Your Online Identity Part 3/3

During the first installment of my series "Developing Your Online Identity" I suggested creating your social identity with intent; meaning taking stock of not just your career, but your passions and discovering those tools that best showcase "you."  The second installment, "Social Security," focused on some of the pitfalls of social waves, and how we all need to be cognizant of crimes to be wary of as we  publicize our online identities. For the third, and final post, I would like to…


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Facebook Friends

A week ago a friend of mine and I were discussing our usage of Facebook. While both of us can safely say we don’t rely on its enormous influence to fulfill our social needs, we couldn’t deny either the amount of time we devote to it within the day or the prominence it has in our daily life. As much as it disturbs me to admit it, I spend a lot more energy scheming up ways to present my life to the Internet social sphere than I would like. My friend and I decided that one day soon we would…


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Marnie Baar Social Security - Developing Online Identity Part 2/3

One of the most fascinating phenomena I've experienced throughout my career is the idea that "culture" and "society" are, essentially, symbiotic; both deriving energy from the other in such a way that keeps cultural behaviors (i.e., language, customs, values, rules)  and the people sharing these behaviors (a society) afloat. Think about workplace culture, or family values, or the oft quoted  "American Dream." Specifically, however, I'm talking about societal change. Certainly there are many…


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Our Generation

** As much as I do enjoy writing blogs on here, I have dabbled with the idea that one day this site will have enough activity on it to where other members can collaborate and create a user driven post. I could initially pose a thought or a question and then those interested could take over, and eventually, there would become a new and completely organic piece of writing. I really hope that those types of conversations will one day become a reality for the future of Punch-In. I would hate…


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Surviving Unemployment

When you’re unemployed, the days can seem to run together. You wake up, you check your email, drink coffee, and decide what to tackle. More often than not the task of choosing what to do becomes more daunting than actually doing it. I think this is a result of having to stretch mundane tasks through a long period of time to keep one’s self occupied.

There was a time when I longed for free time. Cleaning my wallet, or organizing a drawer became the last priority on my list. Yet when I…


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Marnie Baar Developing Your Online Identity Part 1/3

Been doing a lot of reading lately on how to develop a cohesive social “brand” through platforms like Facebook and Twitter, etc., to help build the Success Network’s identity.  By now, just like me, you’ve most likely joined some kind of similar network, but other than spending hours at a time soaking in information, or playing embedded Facebook games, how much thought have you put into developing your own personal “brand?”  In marketing terms, we all know about brands as consumers.  We can…


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Marnie Baar Hello World!

Hello Successful People!

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to chat with us about Assistive Technologies!  My name is Marnie, I’ve been helping out with the Punch-In website and Success Network since it’s launch.  We hope you’ve been enjoying Adrienne’s blogs documenting her “success” journey and thought you might like to see another blog series outlining current and future technologies of AT, as well as curating some AT trends people are talking about online.  Feel free…


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A year or so ago I wrote an entry about the power of networking. There are a few different types: social, professional, and personal.  I have always been a fan of personal networking because I feel less sleazy asking for connections, if that makes any sense. I would talk to these people anyway so it feels less forced. But that is not to say that making networking connections any other way is not genuine, just so we’re clear.

Anyway, I recently received a temporary position at a local…


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There are many times in a person’s life when decisions must be made in order to move forward and create greater opportunities. These supposed opportunities don’t always come in the package that we expected, but if we are brave and take a chance, we can discover that what was once overlooked, can bear extreme value. Of course this can relate to any number of scenarios, but the one I want to discuss pertains to my career path.

Last January I interviewed with a local nonprofit for an…


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Alumni Panel

About two weeks ago I went to an Alumni Panel for the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. I had heard about it from my job counselor, but like I had mentioned with the Job Fair a few weeks before, I was unsure what to expect. The schedule for the event said that it would be a 4-hour affair--which I wasn’t too excited about, to be perfectly honest. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t just come and go as I pleased because those were the only type of networking…


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A Trip To The Job Fair

As I have previously mentioned in the past, networking is a very useful way to connect with others in your career field and to possibly even land a job. The whole process sounds arduous and at times superficial, but it can be such a rewarding task. Going to a job fair would fall under the same category as a networking event and that is what I am here to sound off about this time!

I have never been keen on the whole job fair scene, but a few weeks ago I decided to live on the edge and…


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Pardon The Nostalgia

A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked me to write a blog entry for a school assignment of his. The assignment was to reflect on my college career in a way that high school kids could also relate to it. All of the blog entries would be compiled together as a collection and serve as an educational tool for teachers to use. Although my blog has traditionally highlighted the woes of post-graduation life, I felt the need to share the entry I wrote for my friend so you all could see. Enjoy!      …


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Career Evolution

I would like to take a moment to drive home a point that I seem to always forget: the first job you land doesn’t define the rest of your career. I can’t tell you enough how I ceaselessly worry that the employment opportunity that will finally answer my door knocking will turn out to be unfavorable. Or in another vein, I will be so desperate for an income that I will accept a job offer that is less than desirable just because I feel the pressure to settle and not be so choosy. I am sure that…


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A Perfect Match

A lot of things have been discouraging to me in the last year since graduation, but there is one thing that tops all the others: the fact that a lot of the jobs available are ones that I am unable to complete without having a lot of assistance from someone else. Some examples of occupations would be a cashier, working in retail refolding or restocking clothing, or waiting tables and working in the food service industry. A lot of people do find these types of employment to be arduous and…


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There is something that I have really realized since graduating a year ago: everyone always looks better off than you believe yourself to be. When I would spend countless nights editing papers until the sun came up, and my eyes were so dry I had to peel my lids back to see, I would fantasize about the days when I would go to a job and leave my work behind me at the end of the day. I am sure that those in the 9-to-5 world would agree on a different account: missing those days of late nights…


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When we enter the work force there are a lot of factors that we have to consider. First of all, what is the line of work that we want to be involved with. Then we have to take into account if we want our position to be temporary, part-time, or full time. Once those are established it is a matter of where we want to work. Most choose to commute to their job, as it is the most common. While some choose to work their jobs as a contracted freelancer, or someone who chooses their own hours and…


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Tableside Manners

As I predicted, and I am sure many of you did too, I was able to finally land a job. But not just one job—two jobs! Yes, that’s right, TWO. I can hardly believe it myself. They are just what I needed for right now in this transition period from college to reality. Both of them are contract positions in which I work for the companies independently and on my own time, paid by the hour to research, create and edit various projects and tasks. I will keep both places anonymous out of respect and…


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As I am sure you all know by now, I graduated from school in the fall; December to be exact. The last four years I have lived in Dinkytown, which is one of the neighborhoods surrounding the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities campus. The area is highly populated with students of all ages, generally of the traditional college age. On the weekdays one can find a scurry of backpacks and iPods and bicycles and a myriad of fashion choices and mischoices. There is also a vast diversity of regulars…


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If I were to tell you the tales of the day in the life of ME since I have graduated, I can tell you what you would not find. You would not find me waking up to an alarm clock and brewing coffee, as the morning birds would chirp their song. There would be no busy commutes to work blasting oldies on my car stereo and struggling to find a decent spot to park. Here you wouldn't find stories of small talk in the elevator or groups of colleagues walking in a pack on their breaks. There would be no…


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