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June 2016 Blog Posts (5)

Employment Tips: Informational Interviews

I am very excited to announce that this will be the inaugural post of our newest series of blog entries: Employment Tips. Over the next several months I will be highlighting from our archive of Digital Employment Tips which you will find on our website. These topics range from Application, Attitude, Cover Letter/Resume, Disability Issues, Interview, Networking, and Work Experience. To start us off, I am going to be discussing from the topic heading of Application,…


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College Years


As I touched on in my last post, that I struggled in high schools with feeling that I didn’t have much of a chance in college because of my learning disability. However, I was lucky enough to find a Augsburg College. They do a tremendous amount of work helping and advocating for students with disabilities, which was one of the main reasons I attend that college. At Augsburg they have what is called the CLASS Office. This is an office located on…


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The Email Conundrum: Does Email Increase or Decrease Productivity? Learn How to Make Email a More Efficient System.

This will be a series of blog posts dedicated to addressing some of the challenges email presents in the work setting. The first in the series will address the basic system and how to create more efficient methods. The second in the series will identify etiquette and proficiency in reading, replying to, and creating new messages. The last of the series will address how to “start over” with your current system if you are overwhelmed.


Email can be an efficient communication…


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High School Years

After figuring that I had a learning disability I was allowed multiple accommodations that guided me through my four years of high school and four years of college. One of the accommodations that carried on through my college career was taking exams in a private room, with limited distractions and extra time on the exam. This helped me a tremendous amount. I was able to read at my own pace, and if I had questions on the exam I was still able to ask the professor via email or…


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Career Profile: Retail Associate

For this month’s blog, I am going to veer away from previous entries where I highlight a specific individual with a disability by touching on anecdotes from an interview I have conducted with them. Instead I am going to discuss the tale of Allison Cohen Hall, retail associate extraordinaire hailing from the Boston Area, who was featured on a wonderful website that describes the real work stories of…


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