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Just do stuff!

Choosing a career is the hardest and least critical choice of your professional life. Let me explain. Undoubtedly, we have all been asked from a young age “what do you want to be when you grow up?” This is likely even a question you are struggling with today. Whether you are in high school taking personality tests to find your career match, being hounded by your career services advisor to declare a major or even if you are a seasoned professional, you probably still wrestle with how to…


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In 2006, when I was a senior in college, there was more emphasis on getting internship than preparing for an interview. Today, it’s the same mentality with perhaps more resources and emphasis on drafting a well-formatted resume. Yes, universities and career development offices are still helping college student learn how to present themselves, and answer the question “tell me about yourself.”

However, in my 10+ years of working with, advising, and interviewing college students,  there…


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If I Were: In Between Jobs | Kevin O'Connell

In this episode, I share advice and 4 ways you can overcome the problem of an "employment gap." Whether it be because you just moved and are still job searching, quit your job to find something better, laid off, or you were self-employed and looking to work full-time again, I address it all in this episode. Each episode I select a random card and share 2-4 ideas on marketing, innovation, career development, and entrepreneurship. To be featured or have me share ideas if I were you, DM…


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We're back! Here is everything going on at The Niche Movement

Hi there!

Well, we all made it through another Monday - for us it just took an extra cup of coffee. 

We wanted to check back in to see how things are going for you and remind you of all the great opportunities we have been working on. hint: keep reading ;)

Most of you know this, but here at The Niche Movement, we are all about connecting with each other to help you find the work you truly…


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