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Entrepreneurship for People with Disabilities

Today it is getting more and more popular to start a business. More and more people are starting a business and especially those of us with a disability it is easy for us to think that if we can't hold down a job why not start a business, but where do we start. If you have a hobby or a specific skill set why not start there. Take out a piece of paper and pen and start brainstorming what skills you can make into a business. You may have the next great idea that could turn into a business.…


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Marnie Baar Self Propelled Small-Business Communications

I still remember the day my great aunt gave me an old typesetter’s kit to play with. I was nine years old and absolutely intrigued with the tiny metal letters; carefully choosing and sliding them into the wooden blocks.  The press was also quite small, but large enough to create an 8 ½ by 11 poster, or flyer, or article for my handcrafted neighborhood newsletter; wherein I took it upon myself to announce whatever kids carnival or play I’d happened to be instigating that month.



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Marnie Baar BYOB Part 3/3 (Build Your Own Business) - The Lessons

It has been almost two years to the day that I emptied out my meager retirement fund, and set forth on my Entrepreneurial adventure. (Four years to the day since my divorce, but let's not focus on that.)

The plan was simple, pay for everything myself – no financing, or other bothersome credit lines. Work part-time, weekends and evenings to cover living expenses, which were also fairly meager by now, and build my oh-so-socially and…


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Marnie Baar Fall BYOB (Build Your Own Business) Part Two

Fall Post - Build Your Own Business Part Two

Happy Autumn and welcome to part two of "Build Your Own Business!"

For this post, I'm going to assume you've found that fantastic idea of a product or service.  We will focus on four areas. Together, let's call them "PPEE":

  • Plan
  • Promote
  • Execute
  • Evaluate


There are several methods one can use PLAN your business. The most obvious method is completing THE…


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Marnie Baar Summer BYOB (Build Your Own Biz): Part One - Dreaming It

Many of us have had dreams of landing that sweet corporate gig after graduation. Maybe they just haven’t discovered you yet, or maybe you’re an artist – ready to carve your name in the clay, so to speak. Or perhaps, you have dreams of running your own business.

This has always been my dream. Beginning some kind of socially conscious, progressive little start-up – struggling for a couple years from my garage – or my parent’s garage – before hitting it big.  You know what I’m talking…


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