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What an (Almost) Semester in College Taught Me

Disclaimer: I go to a technical college, so my advice may vary depending on your type of college.

As my first semester of college comes to an end, I wanted to share some of the things that I have learned for anyone going into college in the future.  I have outlined my advice in bullet points, so you can get a quick summary, then read more if it resonates with you.…


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Time: Our Greatest Resource and How to Manage It

Recently I noticed that I spend a lot of time thinking about the best way to use my time; and I wanted to share a few tips and tricks that I use to manage my time:

  • Clean your workspace
    • This is a newer strategy that I implemented, and I can already tell that it is making a significant difference. Doing this allows me to start working without distracting myself or wasting time cleaning
  • Identify “peak” and “non-peak”…

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The Virtual Planner that Organizes my Assignments and Tests

My last article was about how I use Notability to take notes in my classes.  Now I will focus on how I keep track of assignments and exams.  My app-based solution is called MyHomework.  The MyHomework app is incredibly easy to use.  To set up the app you add your classes.  Then you add your homework and tests, MyHomework automatically lists your assignments and tests by…


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How I Use App-Based Note Taking to Take Notes

I personally enjoy the freedom of app-based note-taking.  When taking notes on pen and paper, my notes were often difficult to read and covered with residue from my eraser.  Since transitioning to taking notes on my iPad, my notes have become legible and vastly more organized. The application that I prefer to take notes with is Notability, the primary benefit of Notability is Note Replay. Note Replay allows you to record notes as you write them, then afterward…


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