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Macros in Microsoft Word -- Save Time

Utilizing Macros in Microsoft Word

A macro is a quick way of completing multiple commands or text sequences that are used often. An example is having a formatted design of a Microsoft Office document. These can be created in Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint. There are other programs which develop macros for different needs.

Installing the Developer Option

  1. Go to File
  2. Select Options
  3. Click on Customize…

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Interacting with people who are deaf/blind

Interacting with people who are deaf/blind

There are many recommendations for communication between the hearing and the people who are part of the deaf/blind community. It is wise to talk with someone about communication prior to meeting the person for the first time when not possible, the following are some recommendations for communicating between the hearing and non-hearing community.

  • To get the attention of a person who is deafblind, gently touch him or her on the…

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Disability and ADA Training Opportunities

Learning about the latest information about the ADA and disability is important for everyone. The following resources are some opportunities at no cost for you to explore and learn. Assistive technology is included in all of the websites and resources. Enjoy.


Disability Hub Training



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Google Documents Are Made For Accessibility

ITunes and Apple products once had the market for products with built-in accommodations but with increased awareness and ease of access has created a competitive market. Whether you are looking for visual accommodations such as voice output or typing strategies for one-handed skills, they are included in tablets, cell phones, and all android technologies. In addition, there is Google docs and the Play Store which are promoting inclusion.


Google Docs, Sheets and Slides…


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Alexa and Harmony for Voice TV Control

Amazon Echo and Google Home Meet


Amazon Echo and Google Home are two environmental control units that allow for voice control of your home and searching the Internet along with music operation.  Amazon Echo and Google Home are affordable and expandable assistive technology options.  For under $200, an environmental control environment is set up with basic functions.  For each device in your home that you want to control, it will cost an additional $15-30 for a smart device…


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Modern Day Job Search With Your Cell Phone

cell phone

Your phone is a useful tool for job searching, and almost every job seeker is using a mobile device in some way for job hunting. In 2015, Indeed reported that 50% of site traffic comes from mobile devices[1]. In 2016, Snagajob reported that 72 percent…


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Dragon Naturally Speaking Command Cheat Sheet

Dragon Naturally Speaking Command Cheat Sheet

Pause before and after commands but not within them.


Control the Microphone


Go to sleep

Stop listening

Wake up…


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Dragon Naturally Speaking and Microsoft Word

Using Word with NaturallySpeaking

Universal Commands 

Go to Sleep


Microphone off


New Line

New Paragraph

Caps On/Caps Off

All Caps On/All Caps Off

No Caps On/No Caps Off

Tab or Tab Key


Moving Around

Go to Bottom

Go to Top

Switch to Previous…


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Dragon Naturally Speaking, recommendation for purchasing



Voice Recognition Purchasing Recommendations

Computer specifications

  • CPU: 2.2 GHz Intel® dual core or equivalent AMD processor
  • Processor Cache: 512 KB
  • Memory (RAM):
    • 32-bit: 4 GB for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 
    • 64-bit: 4GB  for Window 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Free hard disk space: 4GB
  • Supported Operating Systems:
    • Windows 8 and 8.1 (32-bit and…

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Voice recognition part 1

Power of Your Voice: Part Two

Accuracy and Commitment


Your voice is a powerful tool which can empower you. It promotes independence by accessing the environment or writes passages of text. This is vital when there is a spinal cord injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, brain injury, or a learning disability. It is not an option for everyone. This resource explains the pros and cons of voice control programs.…


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Photomath for any level of mathematics

Photomath allows you to take a picture of a math equation with your cell phone and have it calculate the answer. best yet, it is free to use and I've tried it with 100% accuracy. You van find out more about it at this site: https://photomath.net/en/

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Brain Surfing

Have you heard about Brain Surfing? It is used with ADHD and there are apps and information to know about it when treating a student with ADHD. 

“Brain Surfing” is a term used to describing the way it feels when the  brain jumps from topic to topic or thought to thought. it is very common for a highly ADHD individual to go from one topic to another in less a second and forget what they were working on. The attached article explains one individual experience and the qualities…


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Microphones for Dragon Naturally Speaking

Microphones for Voice Recognition


It is essential to have a good quality microphone with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. It increases the accuracy substantially. Having an USB or Bluetooth microphone will lead to good performance. You can expect a 40% improvement with a good microphone. Do not purchase a cheap model and invest at least $30 into getting the right product. The internal microphone on a laptop is not optimal for good performance with…


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Consider Trying Audio Memo App

Audio Memo App

AudiAudio Memo App o Memo allows information to be recorded and played back through the iPad with more features for customization.

User Guide - https://imesart.com/products.php?pid=1&psid=4…


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Apps for Cognition

Apps for Cognition





Helps With…


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Apps for Spinal Cord Injury

Apps for Spinal Cord Injury

There are literally thousands of different apps available through the iTunes store. Finding app that are specifically designed for people with a spinal cord injury can be a daunting task. The following are some apps which may be useful in your search. They cover everything from knowledge to voice-recognition and other common needs.


Voice Camera Pro…


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Siri At Your Service

Siri at Your Service

Siri lets you use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and more. Ask Siri to do things by speaking. Siri is easy to use giving you access to your entire phone. Siri is available on iPhone 4s or later, iPad with Retina display, iPad mini, and iPod touch (5th generation) and requires Internet access.

Talk to Siri as you would to a person. Say…


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Employment is Possible

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Employment is Possible

In today’s world, employment is changing from a revolutionary hands-on work to highly intellectual work. Where back in the 1920s, many jobs were manual labor but now it has become more dependent about what you know and less about physical…


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