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Accessibility and Text-to-Speech on the Punch-In Website- Part Two

It was recently brought to my attention that some members of Punch-IN are not familiar with how to have text read audibly to them. Therefore, I have elected to write a series on how you can use setting preferences for various computers, tablets, and smartphones, as well as software programs to have text read aloud.


Last month, I identified a great tool called Speechify that our readers are allowed free access to install on their computers and iOS products. This month, I will write about how you can enable text-to-speech in Chrome with Chrome Speak, as well as the Mac OS X and Windows operating system’s accessibility feature for text-to-speech.


The Google Chrome extension called Chrome Speak can read aloud selected text within the Chrome browser. It will utilize the computer’s operating system’s native text-to-speech feature (Windows, Mac OS X, and Chrome OS). You can adjust the voice settings, including multilingual support, rate, pitch, and volume.


When you are on the Punch-In website highlight the text you want read aloud and right click. Look for “Chrome Speak” or “Speech” within the pop-up box. From Chrome Speak or Speech there should be another arrow you can click on that will display “read the selected text” or “start speaking.” If you would like to stop having the text read aloud before it automatically ends at your selection’s end, you can right click and select “stop reading.”


I attempted to use the Chrome Speak feature on various text selections in the Punch-In website. It worked smoothly for most the text displayed. There were a few sections, mainly the link text, that it did not offer the option to read aloud. However, I could utilize Speechify (remember the tool addressed in last month’s blog) to easily read these sections.


Chrome is a common web browser, regardless if you use a Mac or a PC computer. The Chrome Speak extension offers users of Chromebooks, and computers installed with the Chrome browser, the option to have text inside of the Chrome browser read aloud. Some Mac users prefer to use the Mac native browser called Safari. Some Windows users prefer to use Explorer as their browser. Below you will find links on how to have the Punch-In website content read aloud using the computer’s operating system for accessibly features for the Mac and PC.


Click here to learn how to use the Mac OS Sierra text-to-speech.


Click here to learn how to use the Mac OS X El Capitan text-to-speech.


Click here to learn how to use the Mac OS X Mavericks text-to-speech.


Click here to learn how to use Narrator in Windows 10.


Click here to learn how to use Narrator in Windows 8.


Click here to learn how to use Narrator in Windows 7.


Click here to learn how to use Narrator in Vista.


I hope these options help you to have our Punch-In website information read aloud to you. I encourage you to try the various options on our site, as well as other websites and provide feedback on which method you find to be the easiest and most stable option. Please remember that technology changes daily, and I encourage you to do your own web searches for “how to have website text read aloud” using the browser or operating system for your device. There are more robust tools and screen readers for individuals with vision impairments you can learn about via web searches. It has been exciting to follow the technology advancements throughout the past years. My guess is many of you reading this will have been raised using computers; however, there are many of us out there as well who remember life prior to the introduction of the personal computer, and the Internet as a concept. I hope this series has helped some of you to have better access to our website!

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Comment by Jennifer Mundl on September 1, 2017 at 12:18pm

Actually, we have a Pinterest site that I suggest you investigate plus we have a free news letter on assistive technology that you can receive. 


The second item we have can be found on mail chimp 


Hope you enjoy it. Let me know if you have specific questions as we have many resources created to share.

Comment by Erika J. Kluge on September 1, 2017 at 12:57am

Thank you for your feedback Jennifer! I am glad you found the information helpful. The Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute is well known for providing excellence within the field. Please keep us posted here at Punch-In if you and your colleagues have any advice for us as well.

Comment by Jennifer Mundl on August 31, 2017 at 12:51pm

Great resources! I work at the courage Kenny rehabilitation Institute in the assistive technology department. Your article was very in-depth and I have already tried some of your tricks. I have used several of them in the past but the new information will be wonderful for our clients who come in for assessment and training. Thanks so much.

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