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Apprenticeships for Young Adults with Disabilities

Apprenticeship is a growing strategy for connecting more workers with the skills they need to get jobs. Apprenticeship program are a trending and proven solution for employers, giving them the tools they need to recruit, train, and retain skilled workers. By combining a job with on-the-job learning and credential attainment there have been successful employment outcomes for young adults with disabilities.

Apprenticeships are available in a wide range of fields, including traditional fields like construction and high-growth, nontraditional fields like healthcare and information technology. The United States Department of Labor made a recent committed to apprenticeship and awarded $175 million as part of the American Apprenticeship Grants to expand apprenticeships and make them available to more workers and employers. Check out the new video on apprenticeships posted on Punch-In.

The application process is often lengthy, and potential apprentices are likely to receive a number of rejections before eventually securing a position. But despite the difficulties associated with finding an apprenticeship, there are several simple ways that you can help your application along. Try following these steps to ensure that your application shines, and that you get the position you deserve.

1. Concentrate on your application
Apprenticeship vacancies often attract very high numbers of applicants. Your application needs to stand out – but for the right reasons. Before submitting any application, make sure that you check what you have written carefully. Sloppy mistakes like misspellings or poor punctuation will quickly mark you out, but for all the wrong reasons.

2. Include all your details
There is nothing more frustrating for an employer than receiving a promising application that does not include relevant contact details. Make sure that your phone number is on every application, this will help employers get in touch more quickly.

3. Be realistic
Although apprenticeships are a great way of learning new things, vacancies will often require you to have a range of existing skills. Make sure that you are honest in your applications. If a vacancy is completely outside your skill set, it is probably not worth applying. Don’t panic – something suitable will come up!

4. Sell yourself

Apprenticeships are becoming increasingly popular – and, as a result, there is often fierce competition for vacancies. Play on your strengths in your application. What is it that makes you unique? Why are you the best suited person to this role? Make sure you explain why you are interested in the role, and how you think you can contribute to the company.

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