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Well hello, fellow Punch-Inians, -Inites, -Iners, etc. As we are slowly creating a new approach and feel on this lovely, yet underexposed site, I ask that you bear with us. All great things take a while to marinade into something of excellence. As I have mentioned before, we are hoping to integrate more voices into my monthly blog installments in an effort to represent more than just my voice in terms of academic and career trajectories. In the meantime, I will give you all a brief update of where I am at currently. 

Since October I have been working as a contracted employee for a local public television station as a production assistant for a few of the producers. It has been a rewarding position and has allowed me to have flexibility while still being immersed in a company that I admire. The work that I receive has been project based with very extensive deadlines, meaning I have a long range of time to complete them. I am working on two different projects right now that need to be completed by the end of the month. This is starting to concern me because it is harder to find work in the summer that is project based. While I really don’t want to change what I am doing, I am starting to accept the fact that I may have to look for a new job that offers me more stability. In doing so, I may have to compromise the aspect of flexibility that I adore about this current position.

As much as I fear and loathe change, I am slowly starting to accept that it is essential to the human experience. I will have to get off my high horse of fixed situations one of these days and perhaps take up a position that I normally wouldn’t consider. But in the end, everything finds a way of working itself out. I wish the same for all of you, too.  



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