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Dragon Naturally Speaking Command Cheat Sheet

Dragon Naturally Speaking Command Cheat Sheet

Pause before and after commands but not within them.


Control the Microphone


Go to sleep

Stop listening

Wake up

Microphone off



Get Help


Give me help

What can I say

Dragon sidebar help

Search Dragon Help for…



Search the Computer


Search the computer for…

Search documents for…

Search e-mail for…




Gmail and Hotmail


Open top site for Gmail/Hotmail

Show site commands

Click hide commands

Click Inbox/Drafts

Compose new email

Go to Subjects/Body/To



Navigate Internet Explorer and Firefox


Go to address, Press “Alt + D”

Go there, Press “Enter”

Refresh page, Press “F5”

Open new tab, Press “Control + T”

Find on this page, Press “Control + F”

Open top site for Nuance Communications



Select Text


Select all

Select <xyz>

Select next <n> words

Select <start> through <end>

Select previous paragraph

Select document

Unselect that




Correct Dragon’s Errors


Correct <xyz>

Correct that



Edit Text


Resume with <xyz>

Delete line

Delete last <n> words

Scratch that <n> times

Backspace <n>

Undo that

Cut that

Paste that

Quote that

Show dictation box



Spell Out


Spell that

Spell <cap b a hyphen 5>

Spell <space Charlie Alpha Poppa>

Switch to spell mode






Move The Insertion Point


Insert before <xyz>

Go back

Go to top/bottom

Move down <n> lines

Go to end of line

Move left <n> characters

Page up/down




Add Lines and Spaces


New line

New paragraph

Press enter

Press tab key

Tab <n> times




Move In a List


Move down <n>

Go to bottom/top

Press enter

Press right arrow





Bullet selection

Unbullet that

Bold the previous line

Underline <xyz>

Capitalize <xyz>

Make this uppercase

Uncap that

All caps on/off



Work With Windows


Switch to <windows name>

Minimize window

Show desktop

Restore windows

List all windows

List windows for <program>



Start and Close Items (see options for Start menu and Desktop)

Click start

Start DragonPad

Start <item name>

Start Microsoft Word

Start Mail

Start Internet Explorer

Open Control Panel

Close window, press Alt F4



Move the Mouse


Move mouse up

Move mouse right

Move mouse down slower




Position the Mouse


Mouse click

Mouse double-click

Mouse right-click




Drag the Mouse


Drag mouse faster

Mouse drag lower right very fast

Mouse drag up very fast



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