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When someone with a disability, or someone who recently acquired one, finds themselves in a position at work where they are struggling to complete their required tasks, requesting an accommodation is the next step. Often times the thought of discussing with your employer how to accommodate your position or workspace can be daunting. They also might worry that what you are requesting will be too expensive for them to fulfill. Luckily, the Job Accommodation Network (JAN) has found it to be beneficial and cost effective for employers to accommodate their employees. Detailed below is a summary of some of the findings.

Employers have found that providing accommodations to their employees allows them to continue to employ highly valued and qualified assets to their team. It also saves them time and effort as they don’t have to search outside of their company pool to hire a replacement. Most of the time the accommodations that an employee requests from their employer come at little to no cost, which makes the ask that much more positive. Once an accommodation is in place, it allows the employee to continue to excel at their job, increasing productivity and boosting morale. Overall, requesting accommodations within your workplace can be a low cost and high impact maneuver! 

If you’d like to learn more about JAN’s research on benefits and costs of accommodation, check out this comprehensive report I found. As always, be sure to check out our informative Digital Tip on this topic, too. Until next time, I hope you all enjoy the crisp beginning of Autumn. See you in October!


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