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Whenever we start a new job, we bring with us the accumulated experience of our past positions of employment — and even skills we’ve acquired in our own personal life. All of those moments add up to make us into the person we are today, and the individual that will be joining the team, or crew, or group at any given new place of work. Applying what you already know is an excellent way to bring an edge with you into your new, or current, workplace.  

The majority of my work history involves a lot of positions that rely on interpersonal skills and great communication. Though I am naturally a social creature to my core, I’d say that the biggest part of my life that’s transferred into my work life is the fact that I have personal care assistants help me throughout every step of my day. Not only do I have to have assistance with everything that I do, but I have to request and ask for things in such a distinct way in order to make sure the message is never lost in translation. I need to always be mindful of who I am with, their limits, their background, the way they communicate, and any quirks that are unique to them. In order for my life to run smoothly, I need to make sure that others are aware and on the same page as me. My independence, autonomy, and success is directly related to this happening. My ability to convey messages, thoughts, ideas, and requests to any type of person has really proven to be useful in other areas of my life. Since the major part of my jobs require me to be sociable and approachable, I am able to bring with me a background in interacting with all sorts of different people. Proficiency in human interaction is not a strength that every single person has and being able to find a way to get through to every type of person is a great skill to have in any given workplace. In fact, you’ll be that much more of an asset to your fellow crew members because you bring with you the talent to relate to one another in an approachable, respectful, and meaningful way.

My example is just one of a multitude of ways that our life experiences can shape us, stick with us, and infiltrate into our places of work. There really isn’t a right way to apply what you know -- it’s entirely dependent on you and your past experiences! If you’d like to learn more about the ways in which others have taken life experiences/knowledge and applied it to their work, check out this interesting article I came across. As always, be sure to check out our informative Digital Tip on this topic, too. Until next time, I hope you all enjoy the blooming of flowers and the ushering in of Summer. See you in June! 

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