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There are several things you should make a point to accomplish during a job interview. Be courteous, hold eye contact, be engaging, and be knowledgeable about the company you’re interviewing with, to name a few. Though the one stand out action that every successful interviewee has in common is that they ask questions of their interviewer. This demonstrates that you’re not only invested in working for this company, but also that you’ve been paying attention and listening to what the interviewer has been saying.

It’s important to make sure to wait until your interview is wrapping up to inquire about any info you’re wishing to know. The reasoning behind this is that you may not have heard the answer to your query yet and will know it within a short time. While there are a variety of questions that you can ask during an interview, there are a few I’m going to highlight that are especially impactful. Asking your interviewer about the employer’s expectations of you, or how they’d measure your success, is a genius question because it illustrates that you are committed to your potential new workplace and want very much to succeed. Another great question would be to inquire about the company culture and how the staff works together as a team. This demonstrates your willingness to want to play a part within an already efficient, smooth, and harmonious crew. Lastly, questions about pay and benefits are potentially risky, but definitely are fair game to ask when the appropriate time arises. 

If you want to learn about some other useful questions to ask during a job interview, check out this comprehensive list I found. As always, be sure to check out our informative Digital Tip on this topic, too. Until next time, I hope the beginning of the new year treats you well. See you in February! 

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