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This month we will continue to highlight from a topic heading from our archive of Digital Employment Tips which you will find on our website. These topics range from Application, Attitude, Cover Letter/Resume, Disability Issues, Interview, Networking, and Work Experience. For this entry I will be discussing from the second section from the topic heading Attitude, specifically Don't Give Up--a concept that can be hard to put into action when you're beyond frustrated with your job search, but is imperative to your eventual success!

The very act of putting yourself out there and applying to a job, and feeling optimistic about it but not receiving the position, is a cycle that most of us are familiar with--myself included. It can be draining and disheartening to feel as if you're doing your best and still not being recognized for the hard work you're putting in. When you get to that point of feeling defeated, there are two options: succumb to your defeat, or continue to move forward. It's completely normal and understandable to have moments of self pity, as that is natural and we can't be expected to always be on the up and up. However, we must try to remember that the next day is a new day complete with new opportunities and connections to be had. Often times when I want to give up it's because I'm overwhelmed. The best way to proceed is to break your tasks, goals, or to-do list down into tiny parts that are more manageable. Everyday try to do one thing to propel your job search forward. Recreate your resume, browse your database of connections and reach out to one person, go outside, eat your favorite food, listen to soothing music, or talk to a close friend or family member. When you put aside time to build towards a goal it can be easy to forget about taking care of your needs, therefore causing burn out and the urge to give up. Taking each day as one more incremental step towards your ultimate goal will give you a boost and allow you to build your confidence and stay on track. It certainly is a cliche phrase (but true nonetheless), the best things take time!

I truly hope that this entry has provided you with you some perspective on the ups and downs of job searching. It's important to remember that you're not alone and others before you, and after you, will experience a similar journey. If you’d like to learn about other ways to quell your urge to give up when the search gets discouraging, check out this helpful article I found. As always, be sure to check out our knowledgeable Digital Tip on this topic, too. Until next month, have a cool and adventurous August!

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Comment by Erika J. Kluge on August 2, 2017 at 9:47am

I think this is great advice Adrienne! I believe everyone experiences this when searching for jobs. 

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