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Google is one of the most glorious creations in recent history, not only for its capacity to bring knowledge to users at an alarmingly fast rate, but for its depth of search. If you ever have typed in your name, or those of your loved ones into the popular search engine, you know how much can be brought to the surface for all to view. Photographic documentation of past meals, accomplishments, outings, and even those moments you’d rather forget. Those digital snapshots of our lives can, whether we know it or not, be a huge deciding factor when it comes to a new employer deciding about hiring us to be a part of their team. Read on for some ways in which employers utilize Google to make their decisions. 

Employers look for four main things when they are Googling applicants. The first is that they want to get a sense of what your true personality is and whether or not you would fit into their company culture. The second is that they want to observe your level of professionalism, and how you would potentially handle being in the position you are applying for. Third, they are looking to see if your qualifications are true and confirm you aren’t lying about your work experiences and skills. Lastly, it’s been said that some employers will even search Google to try and find something negative about a candidate, a reason not to hire them. It might seem unfair that we as technology age people should have to censor who we are for the job we may try to obtain in the future. It’s a small price to pay for the opportunity for gainful employment, and of course will differ depending on the employer that you are hoping to work for. 

If you want to learn about the reasons why a potential employer would want to Google you, check out this great resource I found. As always, be sure to check out our informative Digital Tip on this topic, too. Until next time, I hope you have a warm and peaceful Holiday season. See you next year, in January!  

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