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Just like clothing, music, and pop culture (to name a few), different industries will undergo trends. These can be anywhere from rebranding a key function of a piece of machinery — let’s say a laptop! — to utilize less material and make it sleeker, to a new style of women’s shirt that was inspired by either a popular celebrity or a figure in pop culture. Trends are varied and are always changing. If you find yourself searching for a new position of employment it is in your best interest to research the industry that aligns with your career goals.

Interviews cover a myriad of topics. One less discussed aspect is when the jobseeker is asked to describe their knowledge on the particular industry in which the job they are applying to is within. More specifically, the employer will want to know why you are interested in working with them and what you know about their company. If you’re applying to work at a department store that is known for being especially on trend when it comes to their fashions, the employer will be more likely to hire an applicant who shows a great breadth of knowledge on the latest fabrics used, styles, cuts, and ethical practices. If the particular company you’re applying to is known for selling clothing that encourages individuals to dress outside the confines of gender constructs, and that is a subject that means a lot to you, it is important to express that. They will in turn see you as a perfect example of an employee that is an asset to their mission and who will uphold their ideals. Letting your interviewer know that you are in support of inclusivity when it comes to fashion will showcase your ability to fit in with their company culture and illustrate you as an individual that will naturally enhance the experience for the consumers that will patron that particular department store. Lastly, demonstrating to the interviewer that you envision yourself in the same industry for years to come will be evidence enough of your commitment to the type of work expected of you, and then some. Passion for what you do is a beautiful thing!

Keeping up on industry trends can give you an advantage when it comes to the employment process. That doesn’t mean that you should feign enthusiasm for a type of work that you care nothing for, but to encourage you to delve deeper into the industry you wish to be a part of and learn about the current industry trends, and more. Your excitement for the future will make it hard for the potential employer to ignore that you might just be the perfect fit! If you want to learn more about industry trends and how to discuss them in an interview, check out this great resource I found. As always, be sure to check out our informative Digital Tip on this topic, too. Until next time, I hope you are all enjoying the last month of official Summer— while still staying safe, of course. See you in September! 


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