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One of the most effective ways to grow is to gently push your limits on what you can handle. This includes various areas of your life: professional, personal, emotional, mental, physical, etc. It's important to recognize when you are able to increase your limits for the purpose of growth, but equally as important to decipher when you need to set limits for yourself.

Whenever I start a new job, I like to do everything I can to showcase my abilities. This includes making sure to complete any and all given tasks that are required of me in a way that makes my employer happy and satisfied with my work ethic. For me it’s important to prove my ability to be a hard worker despite my physical limitations. However, in order for me to be the most successful at my job, I also need to be able to admit when there are certain job requirements that I just cannot make work for me. For example, one of my jobs is at a concert hall and depending on the scale of the event it can get really busy and crowded. There have been times when I’m stuck in one spot because there are patrons on all sides of me. For a while I let that happen because I believed that it was an essential part of my job that I’d just have to be comfortable with. If I was being honest though, that predicament made me feel completely unsafe. What if someone fell on me? What if someone knocked my head back and I had no way of lifting it up? Or worst of all, what if my joystick on my control box became hooked on someone’s purse or was bumped by a passing person not paying attention? Not only could I hurt someone else, but I’d hurt myself. It’s never worth it to put one’s self in harms way, so I decided to talk to my bosses. I asked them if I could always have the agency to remove myself from situations such as the one mentioned above if it made me feel like I was in a position to not succeed. They of course were on board with my idea and trusted that I know my limits better than anyone. And the very best thing? Now that I position myself in a place off to the side of the hustle and bustle, I’m a lot easier for patrons to locate and ask questions of. In my opinion, that is the very best result!

The example I told is merely one of a million ways in which we can be advocates for ourselves by recognizing our limits and speaking up and making them known. I encourage all of you to pay attention to your own personal limits and how you navigate them to achieve career success and beyond! If you’d like to learn more about the ways others know when they are reaching their limits, check out this interesting personal account I came across. As always, be sure to check out our informative Digital Tip on this topic, too. Until next time, I hope you all enjoy the beginning of Summer and warmer days ahead. See you in July!

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