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The beginning of your career is full of possibility. This is the time to dream big and be bold. To do this, it is important to use your energy in a positive direction, allowing yourself to jump to a new level. This involves taking risks.

                Putting yourself out there and not knowing what the outcome will be, that’s the scary stuff. I have been working in the human services field for three years. When I first graduated from my master’s program in rehabilitation psychology and began my job search, I remember reading through a seemingly endless number of job postings that peaked my interest. I was ready, willing, and excited to dive in. The problem was that I suddenly felt unqualified for nearly every position in my field. The “musts” were overwhelming.

  • Must have three-five years’ experience.
  • Must have demonstrated ability to work with a diverse population.
  • Must be able to life a minimum of 30 pounds as well as reach, stand, bend, crawl.

Even if I was confident in my skillset and could envision myself completing all tasks listed in the description, reading one qualification that I could not meet pushed me into uncertainty. Doubt would creep into my mind, sometimes preventing me from moving forward with the application process. I consistently felt that I did not fit the mold of a good candidate.

But, the truth is that most employers do not fully know what they are looking for in an ideal candidate. They may know what has worked in the past. They may know what they wish for in a future staff member, but they don’t know you. Needing each and every listed qualification is not your concern. What is required is showing how your unique traits make you distinctive from the ideal candidate, even better than they could have imagined. Your willingness to put yourself out there, stand out from the crowd, and display your irreplaceable qualities, takes you one step forward every time.


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Comment by Becky Curran on August 29, 2017 at 12:31pm

Thank you for sharing this great reminder! 

Comment by Edward Reidt on August 17, 2017 at 6:27am

You know this is what I find when I'm looking for myself and the people i work with that have disabilities 

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