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How I Got Here: A look back at my college experience

My name is Katie. I moved to the city of Minneapolis 5 years ago from a Northwestern suburb of Chicago to attend Augsburg College. My experiences in college fluctuated. Sometimes I was super motivated and into it. Other times…not so much. The first 3 years were a struggle to say the least. I never felt fully convinced that I was capable. It wasn’t until my junior year, after jumping back and forth between various majors, that I finally DECIDED to decide my major once and for all. From the beginning, my interests had always lied in Psychology. In fact, that was the very first major I had claimed in my freshman year. So I committed. And that was when everything began to turn around. I was interested, I enjoyed what I was learning, I was fascinated by my professors, and focused on my future goals.


Finally, after all the ups and downs and downs and ups, the day came. I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology from Augsburg College in December of 2015. It was quite uneventful since I was finishing my degree in the middle of a school year (I’m still, currently, awaiting the graduation ceremony).


It was, however, a weird day. My whole life had revolved around school up until this point, and then it abruptly ended.


A few months before this end date, I had begun the daunting job search. I browsed lots of job websites and came across tons of positions that excited me, most of which, I honestly felt unqualified for. My work experience up until this point had been in the service industry, hosting and food running at restaurants, an administrative office assistant in Augsburg’s Center for Learning and Accessible Student Services, and an internship at a local social services agency where I met with participants to locate safe and affordable housing. I knew that I wanted to work for a social services nonprofit type of organization but not much more than that.


The process of searching and applying and following up on all of the various positions I had interest in was a heavy experience. Day after day, sending in my resume and cover letter to strangers, most of which I would never hear from. It was discouraging, when after spending so much time and effort in creating this personalized cover letter to express my interest in their open position, to then hear nothing for weeks after weeks. I had to find creative ways to keep myself going; to keep pushing through the discouragement and rejection in order to stay organized and motivated to reach my goal of getting a job that I truly wanted.


I talked to many different people at different stages in their careers for tips and encouragement, and also developed my own personalized approaches to facing my fears involved in the job search journey. In my next post, I plan to share with you some of these specifics in the hopes that you can take something from them in order to develop your own way to ease through the process! 

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