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In this podcast, a George Washington University student Adrian Oliver, interviewed The Niche Movement founder Kevin O’Connell for an informational interview as part of their First Year Leadership Development course.

In this interview, Kevin talks about how his interest in entrepreneurship began in college, and how FYN Creative (Find Your Niche Creative) came to be. Kevin shares what it is like to be an entrepreneur working for yourself, with the both the rewards and difficulties it comes with. Having a work-life balance, freedom and flexibility is Kevin’s end goal, while being productive and able to work when and where he desires.

If Kevin were to give his college self advice, he would advise himself to worry less. Kevin offers suggestions of steps college students should take to thrive during and after college.

Listen to the podcast here:

This post is written by The Niche Movement founder Kevin O'Connell and cross-posted from The Niche Movement, a community of young professionals helping you find the work you love. The Niche Movement is a collaborating partner with Punch-In.

Link to podcast transcript.

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Comment by Adrienne Kleinman on September 17, 2018 at 4:20am

Yet again Kevin gives a great discussion on his career journey--specifically his interest in entrepreneurship. I always enjoy his wisdom and words as he is so relatable and down to Earth! 

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