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Innovations for 2017- Researcher & Editor for Microsoft Word

Technically, these product features are not brand new for 2017; however, they are often features I find many do not know about. Word 2016 is the most current version of the word editing software that is available to Office 365 users for the standalone copy of Office 2016. The easiest way to find out if you have it or not is to open Word 2016 on the Windows PC desktop and check if the new "Researcher" option is attainable under References. Please note this feature is currently only available for the PC version. I have been advised from the tech support at Microsoft Office they hope to include these features on the Mac version as well in the future. The Researcher is a wonderful feature for tracking research and using citations without having to leave Word. Editor is a writing assistant that assists one with proofing and editing services. It will notify the user of unclear phrases, redundancy or complex words, and it will also make recommendations by displaying alternatives.


The Research task pane includes Internet searches, a thesaurus, dictionaries, foreign language dictionaries, language translators, and encyclopedias. It provides sources from a list of trusted sources and reference materials. If source material is added to the document, it will automatically create the citation in the bibliography as part of the paper. Citations can be inserted in APA, MLA, and various other formats.


Does your job require you stay current on information within your field? Is research part of your daily job tasks? Are you doing research on future job prospects? Perhaps these features will benefit you. You can learn more at: Microsoft Info and Video.


Remember if you are including information in documents it is important you rephrase and write the information in your own words unless you cite the sources appropriately. Do you need spelling or typing support? There are prior blogs in this series that covered, technology tools available to help with spelling, grammar, and typing. Additionally, previous blogs also addressed how to file and keep track of your electronic documents and communications.


I am interested in learning about how others are using the tools identified in the blog series that differ from what I have written. Thinking outside of the box and being creative in the way you use tools and strategies is essential. The Punch-In site is a great resource and sounding board. We look forward to learning from others, and also finding out what questions our community has. 

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