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It Might be Difficult, But Sometimes You Just Have to Make a Choice

One of the cool things about the arts is there are so many things you can do as an artist. You can write a story or a poem, you can paint a landscape or photograph a butterfly, you can play the piano or improvise a rap or you can dance in a dance company or act in a play. Unfortunately, you can’t usually do all of those things at the same time, at least not with the same degree of proficiency or energy.

This came to mind earlier today when a woman came into the VSA Minnesota office looking for some assistance in identifying some arts opportunities. She said she was a writer and a singer, that she liked dancing and she had some visual art pieces that she wanted to show us. She hoped to connect with a dance company in town and maybe a choir or recording company where she could perform as a singer. While sitting at the table across from me I asked her, “What do you like to do the best of all your art forms?” She thought a moment and then stated, “I like to do all of them pretty much the same.” In our upcoming conversations, my staff and I are going to see if we can get her to make some choices; it is really hard to help someone find an artistic direction when they are all over the map with their interests.

Whether your career interests are in the arts or in some other field all together, at some point choices need to be made regarding which direction you might want to head. As you have some time with family and friends over the upcoming holiday break, you may want to check in with some people close to you who might help you reflect on some of the things you do best. You are going to be the one who ultimately chooses your path but it is good to hear the thoughts of others on how they see that path fitting you.

None of us can do everything well but we all can do something well.

Have a good holiday!

Craig Dunn

VSA Minnesota

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Comment by Adrienne Kleinman on December 24, 2017 at 5:05am

Craig, I resonate with this post so much! For years I struggled to narrow down my focus in the Arts, and it definitely helped me when I thought about what really makes me the happiest: films. It combines so many elements that I already love, such as stories, visuals, and music. Even if I don't stick with this idea forever, I gotta roll with it now! Thanks for bringing this up :)   

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