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LiquidText PDF Reader- A New Way to Annotate!

There are several iPad apps to annotate PDFs/documents; however, for the most part, they simulate marking up the actual paperwork version. LiquidText for the iPad, along with the Apple Pencil, enhances the concept into a new generation of markup tools for reviewing and annotating PDF files, web pages, and Word and PowerPoint documents.


Ok, so let us imagine we need to read several articles for a paper we need to write or for a project we need to pitch at a work meeting. If we were working on paper copies (or singular electronic versions) we could highlight information and create a new note summarizing our annotations we took. We can also cite our sources to take us to the original article when needed. We would need to locate that original electronic document again or find it in our pile of papers. Drum roll… here comes LiquidText.

Now imagine we are using our iPad Pro with our Apple Pencil and have opened LiquidText. We can import the articles and websites we want to use. We will use a split screen to house our review material in one pane and have a blank paper (document) in the other pane. Now we have fun! We can type or write on the blank paper. We can highlight text in our review pane, and if we think it is important to have the highlights in our document pane then we can simply drag it over. Perhaps there is a graphic or chart in the review pane we want in our document pane. We can circle it and drag it into the document pane as well. Furthermore, if we only want to capture a section of the graphic and not the entire graphic, we can simply circle the section we want and drag that over. Wait, there is so much more! We can create live-links with simple gestures and lines. We can literally link any information together, and into any document or website imported. You guessed it. We can simply touch that live-link and presto; it opens up or moves us to the section in the review materials that was linked to our notes, or articles and websites to other articles and websites within the review pane.


Are you excited yet?

How about if you could touch a button and have all your highlights show up from your research pane. Pinch your fingers on the screen to condense pages together so now you can view page 4 with page 20 right below it and not have to scroll through pages 5-19 to get there.


Oh no, did you read something and forgot to take notes about information you should have? No worries! Simply do a word search within a document, website, or all of them. Yes, that was very helpful because now you see all the locations where LiquidText found that searched word, and you can scroll to find the information you want. When you find it, you can “un-pinch” your fingers in a gesture to open up that page in full. You can then “pinch” gesture your fingers to condense the page back down into the search result list.

We all know what a text box is right? As in most apps when you click to add a text box, you will see a box open and you can type inside of it. You can usually size the box and move it around on your document. In LiquidText, you can also add ink boxes. Basically, you will see a box open where you can draw or write inside of the box, and your drawings/writing will stay inside the box. You can resize this box, change the background color, and move it wherever you would like.

Are you as excited as I am? This app can allow you to do research for school, job searches, and for work with greater ease. If only this app allowed me to import books. However, I guess if I can copy a chapter from an electronic book I own, then I can paste it into a word processor to export it as a PDF to import into the app, or to paste the chapter into a Word document to import.

Watch the below video links to see how it works in action- you won’t be disappointed!

Video demonstration that shows you all the cool features!

Watch the below video link to see how to use your fingers if you don’t have an Apple Pencil.

Video demonstration using LiquidText without the Apple Pencil

What do you think of LiquidText?



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Comment by Adrienne Kleinman on September 28, 2018 at 2:59pm

I was excited when you were describing this app to me in person--and I am even more excited now when I'm reading this blog entry! What a fascinating resource! I can't wait to try it :)  

Comment by Sammy Abeje on September 24, 2018 at 4:44pm

Thanks for sharing this app!  I am always looking for a new app that I can use to annotate and take notes.  I will definitely add this to my iPad!

Comment by Erika J. Kluge on September 17, 2018 at 7:02pm

Nikki- it is only for iOS. I am not familiar with anything comparable to it yet- it is pretty amazing though!

Comment by Nikki Abramson on September 17, 2018 at 6:09pm

Interesting article and tip. Does this go for Samsung galaxy as well do you know? 

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