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It has been over a month now since my steady job fell to the wayside. I kept holding out hope that it would change, or that a project would turn up. But to no avail, I have heard nothing but “we-will-see” and “I’ll-let-you-know” for a couple weeks now. I have just decided to admit defeat as far as gaining a position with my former employer goes, and move forward for now. If one day they have a new project for me, then great! But for now I need to move on and find new opportunities.

About a month ago, I started a new position as an Usher at my alma mater. It has been really exciting for me to be back at my University and get to mingle with patrons as they attend much-anticipated concerts and performances. It is quite a change from my traditionally independent projects that don’t require me to interact with others. Since I am an extrovert at heart, it is a much-needed release to get to socialize and help others while getting paid to do so. In addition to this new job, I have been conversing with another potential job where I would be a transcriber. It is a local company that has branches on the West and East coasts. Essentially I would be writing the captions for various shows, programs, movies, etc. allowing universal access for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. I am excited at the prospect of possibly working for them! It would definitely put me at yet a closer step into the industry of my choice: Entertainment.

As for news on the blog front, I recently met with someone from my alma mater. I spoke with the Director of the Career Development Center regarding our goal to recruit students who would like to be featured on my blog by sharing their stories. Both the Director and his associate really liked the sound of our project, and said they would do what they could to find students eager to share their stories with us. As with all things, I know it will take some time for us to find these stories. And find these stories, we will! For now, you’re stuck with me.         

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