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National Senior Citizens Day - August 21, 2021

Since I was very young, I have always known that elderly folks are the foundation of our society. Not only because of their wisdom and life experiences, but because of their unique perspective on humanity having grown up during a different time. You can imagine my surprise when I realized there was a holiday specifically celebrating these important people— National Senior Citizens Day! Since 1988 when President Ronald Reagan created the holiday, August 21st marks a day to celebrate the achievements and great work that senior citizens have brought to our communities. Not only is the day meant to be one of great celebration, but also a day to bring awareness to the issues that affect senior citizens and their quality of life. If you’re looking to get involved, contact nursing and retirement homes in your local area to see if they are in need of any supplies, or reach out to any elderly people in your life who you appreciate and love and let them know how much they mean to you! Check out the official site to learn about the holiday and more ways to get involved.  

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