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Welcome to the beginning of your new life! This phrase can mean something different for each

individual person. When you repeat this phrase to yourself it might invoke excitement, or maybe this

phrase invokes fear. Maybe the phrase doesn’t relate to you at all. Maybe you feel stuck in your life and

you do not foresee any new beginnings on your path. Let’s take it back a step and look at what might be

the “beginning” of your new life. What if you could start your life today? What might be some aspects of

you that you would change? What parts of you or who you are would you keep? Now forget everything

you just thought of. Take a few deep breaths as you are able and try the exercise again. Did anything

change after you took a few breaths? This exercise shows us that even though we may have thought or

expected one thing, that can always change. Fortunately, we can all afford second chances.


This is a perfect time for new beginnings. The snow is disappearing, the sun is staying out longer and

longer every day, the plants and flowers are working their way back to the surface to expand and shoot

out phenomenal wonders of beauty and joy into the world. If the plants and flowers can afford a new

beginning, then you can too. I like the idea of new beginnings, especially since I have new beginnings in

my own life. I am half way through the intensive Yoga Teacher Training at Radiant Life Yoga. I did not

know much about yoga before the training, but now I am working towards being an expert in the

anatomy and movement of the human body, and doing it all from my wheelchair. Yoga started for me

because of a dream that I had one night about 6 months ago. In the dream I biked to a yoga class and

then had a memorable conversation with the yoga teacher. I do not always follow my dreams but this

one stuck out. Shortly after I had the dream I met some people who own a yoga studio and I attended a

couple classes. I heard about the yoga teacher training, and because of my dream being at a yoga class, I

decided to investigate. Now that I am halfway through the yoga teacher training I understand what the

dream was trying to tell me. Yoga has taught and allowed me to be more aware about my body and

given me the opportunity to stretch and breath into my body so that I can expand my awareness.

Ultimately, yoga has allowed me a new beginning. Yoga has allowed me to take a step into a

new life that practices being healthy and happy. This new beginning has worked its way into

other aspects of my life. Because of this new path in my life I am able to be more efficient at work, in my

studies, and with my family duties. The only question at this point is what new beginnings are waiting

for YOU?



Radiant Life Yoga

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