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Staying Connected While Working From Home

We realize that what works the best for one person might, and probably does not, work the best for the next person. So, we are all for finding the best possible solution! That being said, many young people, are finding that it is most effective for both their quality of life and quality of work to work from home. It may seem hard for one who works from home to truly be a part of the company, which is definitely a valid concern. I, as a freshman in college can vouch for the fact that millennials have inevitably become used to building and maintaining relationships through technology. The steps below, paired with many young people's pre existing can easily work together to create the ideal work from home relationship. With a little extra effort, proper utilization of the available resources will lead to the desired work-life balance. 

-Giuliana Sercu, Intern, GWU '20

Keeping your Remote Employees Connected
It’s no secret that Millennials are changing the workplace. Now the dominant generation of the American workforce, their new approach to work-life balance and employee benefits has HR professionals scrambling at times to adjust. One of the most-desired benefits from the younger worker is a Remote work or Work From Home (WFH) policy. Often cited by Millennial job applicants as one of the primary benefit offerings to pique their interest in a potential job, remote work has exploded in popularity as technology capabilities have expanded in recent years.

The challenge becomes making sure remote workers feel connected to the company and their co-workers. Below is a graphic that highlights some steps employers can take in order to ensure their growing remote workforce stays connected and part of the team. Digital intercom systemsand platforms like Google’s Drive and Slack are just a few great ideas out there! What do you think employers could be doing to be those who are away, feel like they never left?ᐧ

Smart Office Infographic

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Comment by Becky Curran on September 12, 2017 at 11:39am

Thanks for sharing! 

Comment by Great Lakes ADA Center on September 6, 2017 at 9:02am

Great blog post, I work from home in Minneapolis and our home office is in Chicago. It's a great option for some people myself included!

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