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Trello- A Tool for Project Management & Task Lists

Trello is a free cloud-based website that also offers an Android and iOS app. It is a fabulous tool whether you decide to use it alone or to use it for team collaborative projects. Here are some Trello basics:



Boards can be described as a whiteboard where you create a project and keep information. Here are some examples one might create as boards:

            Students- create a board for each class

            Personal- create a board for job searching, travel plans, workout goals

            Work- create a board for repeated daily agenda tasks, projects



Lists can be thought of as columns that keep track of tasks. You can name each column whatever you like. A useful visual is a list for “To Do,” “Doing,” and “Done.”



Cards are basically tasks or ideas. Here are some examples you might create as cards for a job searching board:


            To Do- write resume; create spreadsheet to track applications; network


You would start to write your cards for your “To Do” list and can move them to your “Doing” or “Done” list as you work on each task and finish tasks. When you click on a card it will open to display multiple fields you can use (or not use). You can:

  • Add a description about the task
  • Add team members to collaborate with
  • Add labels
  • Add due dates that integrate with your calendar
  • Add attachments
  • Add comments that are like text messages between assigned members
  • Add checklists (this is a great feature for subtasks to complete the main task and you can save them as templates for future tasks)
  • And more

There is no limit to the number of cards you can add to a board. View this link for a tutorial about cards.



Power-Ups are like extensions for Trello that offer integration to other common tools you might use. Examples include:

  • BlueJeans Meetings allows you to start a video meeting right from your board with your assigned team
  • Time in List shows how long cards have been in their lists
  • Xero Projects helps you track your time on Trello cards- helps when invoicing time for projects
  • Connect to Google Drive or Slack, etc.
  • And many more

View this link for a tutorial about Power-Ups. The free version allows one Power-Up integration. Some Power-Ups are free, and others are for fee.


This is a basic overview of Trello but you can view this link to learn more ways to use Trello.


My thoughts after using Trello:

I like the clean visual aspect of Trello. It is not over stimulating, and you can modify how it looks. The option to drag and drop cards between lists is helpful and allows you to quickly see where you are at with your tasks. The option to add team members to boards or to cards is useful. Furthermore, when working on projects with team members you can start communication threads to be kept on the cards. This reduces the potential of trying to find answers to questions that were sent in emails or other forms of communications. I like the free calendar view Power-Up because it displays all my cards (tasks) on a calendar in regard to the do dates I have given them. Trello is a tool I will continue to use for both work and personal use.


Have you used Trello? If yes, what do you think of it?


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