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Forgive me for being overwhelmingly cliché and redundant, but Minnesota is cold! So unimaginably cold at times that I am seriously questioning myself, and others, levels of sanity as to why we are still living here. This ever so chilling reality has led me to a lot of wanderlust, and jones-ing for change. About three weeks ago I had an extraordinary epiphany as I was hanging out with one of my best girlfriends: why don’t we move to warm and sunny California?! After some intense thinking and soul searching I have decided that it is a wonderful idea, yet challenging. The reason being is that there are a lot of factors that comprise my life, more so than the average citizen. I have to think about the logistics of plans just in everyday life, so imagine the epic planning involved in moving halfway across the country!

First of all, the main concern is shelter. I have to make sure that I find an affordable and accessible abode that is in a convenient area, as well as easy to obtain. Second, I need to make sure that I will have a good core group of friends/assistants to move with me to continue assisting me or to at least help me get situated. Though that wasn’t the first logistic I mentioned, it is pretty important! If I don’t have a reliable group of individuals to assist me, I would be out of luck! How does a person even begin to deal with that? Something I’d need to discover and master! Third, I would have to line up healthcare options and make sure to have a good team of physicians as well. And lastly, I would need a job! That factor of course would be extremely important because of, you know, MONEY, and financial stability. That whole thing.

Of course there are other things to consider too, such as the neighborhood, and if there are places within walking distance, and what the hot spots are, etc. However, that all is discovered in due time. I’m not saying that I am for sure going to be moving at some indeterminate date, but the sheer possibility of it is exciting. I have been researching different neighborhoods along the coast, and potential employers. Even if this dream is never realized (though I hope it is!), the planning and the dreaming and the scheming are all enough to keep me inspired through the darkest days of winter. I encourage you all to do the same!   

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