Your self-directed employment assistant

Use AT (Module 5) is an introduction to Assistive Technology (AT). AT may be a critical component to being successful in your employment goals.

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Comment by Joel on February 27, 2018 at 2:38am

This is a really cool video. I have some familiarity with many of these technologies but some of these products I was unaware of and I will be investigating further. For example, I am typing this comment with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, which is my primary method of accessing the computer and the Internet overall. Since I am unable to use my hands to operate my laptop, the dictation and voice commands from Dragon NaturallySpeaking have given me access to recreational and academic opportunities. Though it is often less convenient, I also have an eye gaze system from Tobii. Whereas Dragon requires me to be conscious of background noise interference, my Tobii will occasionally have interference from the lighting in the room and my glasses. Despite these factors, the Tobii gives me opportunities to access the computer when my voice is less understandable. I have been looking for a text-to-speech software solution lately and it was nice seeing these options that were featured in the video. I will be testing them out in the near future for sure!

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