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Expert Interviews

Request An Accommodation

Join us for an expert interview with Cindy Held Tarshish. Cindy is the Program Manager of ADA Minnesota. She explores requesting an accommodation in the employment process.

Use Assistive Technology

Join us for an expert interview with Erika Kluge, founder and director of Think with Success. Erika talks about various Assistive Technology that may be useful in employment settings.

Prepare for Your Job Search

Join us for an expert interview with Anysha Gilliam, a Human Resources Manager and Recruiter. Anysha talks about the key steps in creating a resume and cover letter, as well as practicing for the interview.

Use Social Media in Your Job Search

Join us for an interview with Anne Pryor, a top LinkedIn trainer and career coach. She works with job seekers to create their branded online visibility to attract successful business and employment opportunities.

Discover Your Strengths

Be inspired for a new career search approach. Leonard Lang is the founder of Beard Avenue, a career coaching company. This interview will give you the tools to examine your strengths in any potential career as you prepare for your job search.

Ditch Your Career Fair!

Be inspired for a new career search approach. Kevin O'Connell from the Niche movement talks about how the traditional job search method is outdated. The current approach leads to a society of unengaged, unsatisfied, and uninspired young adults.The Niche Movement exists to bring people together, help you find your niche, and love your job.

Use Your Superpower

Join us for an interview with Courtney O'Connell. Courtney is the Global Head of Learning and Development for APCO and an expert in education, leadership and innovation. Courtney also serves as a columnist for The Huffington Post, authored of How to Empower Disruptive Educators, and a TEDx talk presenter. This talk is an inspirational perspective on using your skills and yes, even your disability, as your superpower in starting your career.

Know Your Rights

As a person with a disability, it is critical you understand your rights and responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which is a civil rights law aimed at protecting you from discrimination. Please join us for this expert interview with Peter Berg, a ADA Technical Assistance Coordinator for the Great Lakes ADA Center.


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Comment by Pam Berry on July 22, 2017 at 11:19pm

Use Your Superpower - I love the way this video encourages students to speak directly to their disability in an interview, and frame it as a super power.  It is powerful to talk openly about the positive ways that your disability has shaped you and allowed you to develop unique skills.  Adversity and challenge shape and mold us in positive ways - and it is often to our advantage to tell that story!

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