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June 2018 Blog Posts (8)

There Is No Such Thing As 'Making It'

How do you define success?

How do you know if you "made it?"

If we can take anything away from the suicide of Kate Spade and now Anthony Bourdain, there is no such thing as "making it."

What's interesting, is they were both high profile public figures that many of us looked up to, were inspired by, and entertained. Because of their "klout" and expertise, many would assume they made it because they were part of the 1 percent. 

Happiness and Money



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Interview With Ross Baker

Picture of Ross Baker Last week I had the pleasure of talking with Ross Baker, a current graduate student at the University of Minnesota who's studying to be an Architect. Ross, who happens to have dyslexia, spoke candidly about his experiences in school, and beyond. He had a lot of great insight to share! 

The world of architecture is fascinating in so many ways—…


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5 Ways Punch-In Can Keep You Motivated This Summer

Summer is now upon us and with that you may be wondering whether to pause or delay your job search. Or maybe you just need a little extra motivation in the process. Many people do halt their job searches over the summer, so it's actually a good time to keep yourself in the game and get the automatic edge of being active.

As you enjoy the summer sunshine, here are some ways Punch-In can help keep you going to…


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Employment Tips: References

When I first started out applying to jobs, there was a pattern in what most every job required me to submit: resume, cover letter, and references. If we can think of a resume as the table of contents to our skills and experiences, the cover letter as the descriptive body of what we’ve accomplished, then our references are the facts and figures, the index, the actual proof behind what we have said we can do and have done.

Every job application is different because every company and…


Added by Adrienne Kleinman on June 18, 2018 at 9:33am — 2 Comments

Cutting-Edge-Technology- Vision Enhancing Tools Continued

Technology is both friend and foe. At times, it is frustrating and expensive. Nevertheless, it is innovative and life enhancing. The vision device field is making advancements many will want to know about. The OrCam MyEye 2.0 was the topic of last month’s blog. This month the Aira service will be highlighted.


Aira uses video-equipped smart glasses along with a smartphone app and one-button to access a network of trained professional agents to help people who are…


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Surviving the Post-Grad Job Search

In my last post I talked about my college experience leading up to graduation. Since then, I have encountered many new experiences and challenges related to job search and obtaining that first full-time professional position. After reflecting back on my job search journey, here are seven of my top tips to survive the post grad job search! 


1. Pinpoint what you want (and DON’T want)


            Make sure you take the…


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Interview With Ancel Montenelli

image of Ancel Montenelli It was such a pleasure to be acquainted with this month's featured individual, Ancel Montenelli. He is recognized as a leader in advocacy for Latinos with disabilities in the United States and in Latin America. Since 1994 he has been in the field of disability and civil rights laws, with an emphasis on housing advocacy, community organizing, and leadership training. In…


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Career Advice for Recent College Grads

This article reprinted with permission from Minnesota Public Radio…


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