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For many in the workforce, getting right into their desired career wasn’t the first stop after graduation. A person’s career trajectory isn’t necessarily linear, there will be an ebb and flow to it. If getting your dream job right away isn’t attainable, or you get laid off, then a great next step is to look into working at a temp agency. While working a position that might only be temporary for you seems absurd when you’re looking to gain experience in a specific field, you’ll gain beneficial knowledge of other areas that you ordinarily wouldn’t have been exposed to. Read on below for some insight into the beauty of working a temp job.

A few summers ago I found myself in a position where I was in dire need of more work. As a person, I normally like to think outside the box and not live a life within the 9-to-5 confines. It was important to me that if I found work it would have flexible hours and provide me with an experience I might not have thought of before. So what was the temp job I found myself working, you might be asking? I ended up working for 5 weeks in a space at the Mall of America that formerly housed a department store. While there I was responsible for grading state reading and writing exams from a state in the South. It was repetitive, and freezing and way too quiet in that large, lofty space, but it was an experience and I’ll always be glad I did it. Not only did I get to attempt grading exams—something I always wanted to try— but I was able to add more work experience to my resume. In addition, I had fun and made good money. 

Temp jobs may not be something that everyone needs to consider, but if you do find yourself applying to a temp agency, congratulations! You’ll gain new insight, meet new people, and possibly find permanent employment. If you want to learn more about working temp, check out this great article I found. As always, be sure to check out our informative Digital Tip on this topic, too. Until next time, I hope you have a happy and safe voting day. See you in December! 

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