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Reflections On Elections Past: 2020 Edition

Voting day is a very exciting time to be a citizen in this country. You’re given the opportunity to let your voice be heard, and hopefully be able to vote someone into office that you can believe in to lead the masses in a positive direction. Though, with all the excitement can also come great disappointment. Your chosen candidate may not win and that can be a hard reality to stomach. Whatever the outcome, voting is a privilege. As a disabled woman, I can thank those before me for allowing me the right to access the polls. 

I voted in my first election as an 18 year old in 2004, taken to my childhood neighborhood polling place by my father. The next election, in 2008, was also in my childhood polling place, but I went with an assistant. In 2012 and 2016, I voted at my designated polling place in my new neighborhood, also accompanied by my assistants. Then this year, due to the pandemic, I decided to get a mail-in ballot for safety reasons. I realized as I was proudly filling in the oval next to my chosen candidate, that it was the first time I’ve ever independently filled out my ballot. Previous elections I had to whisper quietly to whoever accompanied me to the polls and hope that no one heard me. Luckily I’ve always been in agreement about who to vote for with those I take with me to the polls, but imagine if I wasn’t? Am I not allowed to have the same right to a fair democracy? Shouldn’t we all be entitled to that privilege? Something to think about.

To learn more about being a disabled voter, check out this very informative article. Equal access matters, and is important. Happy voting this Tuesday! 


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