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Revisiting Speechify: Why, Because Everyone Should Know About It!

I introduced you to Cliff Weitzman, the creator of Speechify, and his text-to-speech applications in July of 2017. I was excited to share information about his product because Speechify created its own niche in the text-to-speech realm. It simply read text aloud, any text. It was easy to use, offered high-quality voices, and read digital text that other text-to-speech readers did not identify without having to process additional steps. Did I mention it was free? It was available for Mac, Chrome Browser, and iOS.


Throughout the past year and a half, Cliff has continued to hone Speechify. Whether it is within a K-12 setting, college setting, or employment setting, individuals are exposed to print daily both in paper format and in the electronic format. If you have access to an iPhone or iPad, I encourage you to install the Speechify mobile app. It may be essential for people who experience reading challenges to have access to text-to-speech apps and programs. The ability to have the text read aloud may enhance productivity for all.


In the mobile app, one can add text via:


Web: Send website links from Safari by clicking on the share button and selecting to send the content to Speechify. Open speechify and in your library, select the file and have the text read aloud.


File: Import files from Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, and other sources.


Scan: Take a photo using your iPhone or iPad’s camera. Speechify even allows you to edit the photo within the app. You can then have the text read aloud. I found the scan feature to be very accurate when taking a photo of worksheets, articles, books, wall signs/posters, and even the text from other digital screens. As with other text-to-speech readers, scanning photos, graphics, and unique fonts can hinder the readability. I scanned a page with paragraph style text and a table style graphic with text inside the table’s cells. Speechify correctly converted the scanned text to read the text within the table’s cells. However, the visual outlay of the table was not represented, and the listener would need to reference the original table for comprehension.


Text: One can dictate text, type text, or copy/paste text into the field to read aloud.


Okay, let’s talk about the settings and features. The app offers a long list of voice choices. Drum roll...this list includes male and female options for a very long list (I lost count scrolling over 20 plus choices) for other language voices and translations. I selected the German Female option, and my English text was translated into written German and read aloud in German with a Female German dialect. You have the option to see all your text while the word being read aloud is highlighted as it is read, or to only have the single word that is being read aloud displayed on the screen as the text is read. The font size can also be changed. One can even edit the text while in the Speechify app.


Learn more about the Chrome Extension version, and download it by viewing this video.


Learn more about Speechify, and download the Mac version, at the website.


Install the Speechify mobile app from your iOS device’s app store app.


Speechify offers a free version and pro version subscription.


Thank you, Cliff, for continuing to offer, and to enhance, Speechify! Who has used Speechify and what are your thoughts?

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Comment by Adrienne Kleinman on February 27, 2019 at 2:50am

Thanks for reminding us about Speechify, Erika! I recall talking to Cliff over a year ago on the phone and being blown away by his story and in awe of his creativity. What a cool person!

Comment by Thabiso Rowan on February 15, 2019 at 5:36pm

I love the endless possibilities of technological advancement that we get to enjoy during this transformative time! 

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